Beauty of a Rose Bonus Items

Each CD in this series includes some bonus items to help get you started in creatively using the images.

The bonuses were included to help you get started in enjoying the images. Hopefully they will get your creative juices flowing, and you will find some fun things to do with them. Try printing the images on fabric (available from, art canvas, transparent paper, label stock, shrink plastic and other mediums. Try using them in scrapbooking, on scarves, for decoupage, to make your own postcards and stationery, etc.

Here are the bonus items included on the Beauty of a Rose image CD.

1) Kanji for the words "Beauty" and "Rose" (use the EPS if you want to use them over pictures so the white space will be transparent)

2) Rose Vignettes

3) Meanings of a Rose (included in both pdf and TIF format for your convenience). All ready to print.

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