Hirata Digital Image CDs

Each CD in this series contains 17 beautiful photographic images by Takuo Hirata.
Bonus items to help you get started are also included. Click on each CD to see which images and bonus items are included.

Image CDs are $29.99 each

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Beauty of a Rose
Featuring photos of beautiful colored roses, this CD includes white roses, pink roses, burgundy roses, yellow roses, orange roses, red roses, purple roses, variegated color roses, and more. Some of my favorites are the climbing roses, rose bushes, wild roses, English roses, a dew covered rose and some gorgeous rose bouquets and buds. On the bonus page you will see a pre-designed "Meaning of a Rose" pdf that is ready to print on paper and framed, or printed on fabric and sewn into something.
Winged Creatures
If you like dragonflies and butterflies, you will love this CD! Loaded with beautiful dragonfly and butterfly art, color and black & white pictures of dragonflies and butterflies, extreme closeups of butterfly and dragonfly wings, photos of a butterfly garden and more. Be sure to check out "Variations on a Butterfly" and the beautiful dragonfly and butterfly vignettes on the bonus page.
Garden Images
Look at pictures of beautiful Japanese gardens that will transport you into a Japanese courtyard, a Japanese garden park, rock garden or a Japanese zen garden and help you relax. If you've always wanted a Japanese tea garden, these beautiful photos will inspire you in your garden design and help you create a Japanese garden that is a work of art.

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