Limited Edition Collectible Art Cards

Set of Five Cards suitable for framing or using as postcards

$14.99 per set.

Set 1

Set 2

Whether you decide to separate and frame the cards, mail them as postcards or leave them intact as a collectible set, you will love every one of these breathtakingly beautiful cards. You may want to get two sets so you can separate one set and leave one intact. We will not reissue this set of pictures, so get them while you can. When these sets are all sold we will introduce two new sets of limited edition cards, so you may want to save them as a collectible.

If you come to Houston for the International Quilt Show in 2007 you may bring your cards and get them autographed as Takuo Hirata has been asked to come back again as a guest lecturer. His lecture entitled "The Silk Stocking Story" in 2006 was well attended and found by attendees to be very informative and interesting.

To show you how beautiful these cards are when matted and/or framed, below are some pictures. These are frames we picked up at a dollar store. We removed the thread and restrung them with some of our River Silks Ribbon (threading it through a needle to pull it through the holes). We picked colors to compliment the pictures. Now they are custom, one-of-a-kind pieces of art. As you can see, the framed prints would look beautiful on any shelf or mantle.


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