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People are beginning to discover that images from Hirata Digital are wonderful for business use. From a peaceful, serene sunset photo used on a water bottle, hypnosis CDs and eventually, a website (Sound Hypnosis and Intervision Wellness Center), to a dramatic, cloudy sunset photo used in a heavy metal CD design package (Hamara), business professionals are beginning to seek unique, high quality photographic images instead of settling for clip art or common stock art photos to market their products.

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Guest Appearances by Takuo Hirata

The historical discoveries Hirata shared as an invited guest lecturer at the 2006 Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas, eventually helped him recognize a remarkable resurgence of interest in Japan's Golden Age of Silk. Hirata recently become involved in a new silk movement in Japan involving experimentation with production of the highest quality silk fibers, once an imporant element of Japanese sericulture. By preserving aged machinery and tools used in the older sericulture methods, protecting historic silk mills and studying the early sericulture regions, another area of silk study has emerged in Japan. Hirata was honored to be asked back to the 2007 Quilt Festival for another lecture. His 2007 lecture was entitled, "A Historical Revival: Silk in Today's Japan."

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