Pink Explosion

Designed by Valerie Vavrik, V V Graphics
Constructed by Maggie Backman and Valerie Vavrik
Featuring photography by Takuo Hirata


Images printed on Silk Satin Charmeuse and Silk Chiffon Inkjet Compatible Fabric Sheets by V V's Victorian Prints
using an HP Deskjet 9600 color printer. COLORHUE Silk Dyes were from Things Japanese.

To construct this wall hanging, non-registered piece layering (overlaying silk layers onto a ground fabric) was used. The silk fabric pieces were attached to the ground fabric with Steam-A-Seam 2 Lite (double sided fusible for silk). The ground fabric is a Silk Flat Crepe hand dyed with COLORHUE dyes. The other layers are Silk Satin and Silk Chiffon (inkjet printable fabric sheets).

Other projects and collaborations featuring images from Hirata-san are in the works. Check back for more information.

Thank you to the Warm Company for the Steam-A-Seam 2 Lite which was instrumental to this project.

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